Mouthwatering Dinner


Wat Tan Hor Fun at the top followed by Spicy Hotpot and Mapo tofu at the right


My mother and I had dinner at Stone Age at 218 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 460218. We ordered lots of food as you can see from the picture from the right. There is  Mapo tofu, Wat Tan Hor Fun and Spicy Hotpot.

The recipe of all above foods are down below.

Mapo tofu:                                                                                     Wat Tan Hor Fun:                                             Spicy Hotpot:                                           

At first, I thought that the food over that was gonna be very expensive but in the end, the price is affordable and it tastes great.

I would rate it 5 / 5. That was the best dinner I have ever had!


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