Having lunch at Collin’s Grill

Fish and Chips with a little salad and Sprite

I went to Collin’s Grill alone to have my lunch after school. It is located at 217 Bedok North Street 1 #01-77, Singapore 460217. I order myself a fish and chips and a drink.

The recipe for the fish and chips are below                                 

I think that the fish is too hard for me to bite and the fries are a little bit too big.

I would rate 4 / 5. The fish is also a little too burnt and the corn is a little too soft and moist.


Mouthwatering Dinner


Wat Tan Hor Fun at the top followed by Spicy Hotpot and Mapo tofu at the right


My mother and I had dinner at Stone Age at 218 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 460218. We ordered lots of food as you can see from the picture from the right. There is  Mapo tofu, Wat Tan Hor Fun and Spicy Hotpot.

The recipe of all above foods are down below.

Mapo tofu:                                                                                     Wat Tan Hor Fun:                                             Spicy Hotpot:                                           

At first, I thought that the food over that was gonna be very expensive but in the end, the price is affordable and it tastes great.

I would rate it 5 / 5. That was the best dinner I have ever had!

Eating in Putien

Do you guys know what is Putien?

Putien Lor Mee in the small size

Putien is a shop located at not only at Singapore but in different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Guangzhou. My mother works there hence I got to be the VIP and sit at the big table. My mother helps me ordered the Putien Lor Mee (莆田卤面).

Although I am the VIP but I still do not know the ingredients and the way to cook the food but you can check their website out!

I think that the portion was just nice for 2 people but I am eating alone so I give the remanding Lor Mee to my mother while she wait for her working time.

I will rate it 4.5 / 5.  The reason is that the prawn that was inside the food was too small and there was only 2.

Top Combination for Breakfast!

White fungus with pear soup and the red bean pancake.

Have you guys heard of the red bean pancake?? It is usually sold for breakfast at Blk 86 Bedok North Road and it tasted super good!!! With an additional of the white fungus with pears soup, it tasted much better as the red bean pancake was a little bit dry. You cannot get mine white fungus with pear soup anywhere else cause my mother cook it just for me!!

Although I do not know what is the ingredients and the way to cook the red bean pancake and the white fungus with pear soup, I found the website for the ingredients and the way to cook it.

White fungus with pear:
Red bean pancake:

In my opinion, I think it is the best combination breakfast for me as the red bean was not too sweet or too salty is was just perfect and the white fungus with pear was a little bit sweet but I like it.

If I need to rate the combination, I would give it 4.5/5 as the red bean pancake was cold already so I wish it was a little bit hotter.